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1. třídní společná třídní schůzka
Etické dílny VII. A
Etické dílny VII. B
Provozní porada 27. září
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Státní svátek - Den české státnosti
Adopce zvířátek - IV. B
Etické dílny VIII. A
Etické dílny VIII. B
Vyhlášení výsledků "O nezdatnějšího prvňáčka"
Školní víceboj 2022
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3 4
Etické dílny IX. A
Etické dílny IX. B
Plavecký výcvik III. A, B; IV. A, B
Projektový den na SŠTO v Dačicích 4. 10.
Etické dílny I. odd.
Etické dílny II. odd.
XVIII. Telčský desetiboj seniorů
Etické dílny VI. B - adaptační program
Projektový den na SŠTO v Dačicích 6. 10.
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Our school is connected to eduroam

eduroam is an international project to promote mobility and roaming in national research and education (NREN) networks. In the Czech Republic, this project is under the umbrella of CESNET. Our school joined the project in 2020. This was another step towards improving the quality of the institution's study and prestige.

One account. Anywhere.

A registered subscriber can use this wireless network (wherever available) with a single user account. The account is managed by the home (founding) organization.
Using roaming is simple, a properly configured subscriber device connects automatically as soon as the eduroam network is available. Similarly to roaming connections to mobile networks abroad. Hence the acronym: education roaming.
The service is free for all participants.

Activation of eduroam account

Eduroam uses a username consisting of two parts - the username itself and the realm. For the username, you are accustomed to from other school systems, you will add the @ sign and the realm zshradeckatelc.cz when roaming. You will also need to set your eduroam password before you can use roaming.

Set up user devices to connect to eduroam

For a secure connection to eduroam, it is not enough just to enter a username and password. You must also set up a certificate check, the easiest way to do this is eduroam CAT, see documentation on eduroam.cz.
For manual setup, you'll need the following information:
  • network name (SSID): eduroam
  • connection protocol: 802.1x
  • security and encryption: WPA2/AES
  • verification: PEAP (alternatively TTLS)
  • internal authentication protocol: MS-CHAPv2
  • the name of the RADIUS server: eduroam.zshradeckatelc.cz
  • certification authority: CESNET CA Root
  • The IP address is assigned automatically via DHCP

Covered spaces

eduroam is aired on the second floor of the main school building. Access to the school premises is possible from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm from September to June.

Filtering traffic

The operation of school pupils is filtered in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. Visitors are not affected in any way except for outgoing SMTP traffic filtering (TCP / 25), use SMTPS (TCP / 465) or Submision (TCP / 587) services to send mail.


Users of our school can contact e-mail eduroam@zshradeckatelc.cz or phone +420 603 286 940.
Visitors with an eduroam account should seek support primarily from their home institution, the one that provided the account.